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Disposable Face Mask

  • Equate Unisex face mask
  • Outer layer made of non-woven polypropylene
  • Middle layer made of melt-brown polypropylene
  • 25 count box
  • Constructed with three-layers of protective and breathable materials
  • Helps to reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to particulates and bodily fluids
  • Soft, elastic ear loops
  • Intended for general mask use only, not for medical use
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Inner layer made of non-woven polypropylene
  • One size fits all
  • Helps minimize contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms


Disposable Face Mask – Face Mask.

Disposable Face Mask.

Disposable Face Mask, Our Disposable Face Mask provides a physical barrier to dust, dirt, debris, smoke and powder. Multi-layer design blocks air pollution to protect user. Folds expand to offer full coverage over nose and mouth. Nose piece along top of mask allow for a custom fit. Lightweight with elastic ear loops, it is comfortable and easy to put on or take off. This face mask is ideal for use at home and in public environments that require respiratory protection.

Protect yourself and others with the 25 count unisex Equate Earloop Disposable Face Masks. Each disposable face mask is constructed with three-layers of protective and breathable materials. The outer layer is made of non-woven polypropylene, the middle layer consists of melt-brown polypropylene and the inner layer is made of non-woven polypropylene. With soft, elastic earloops and a fully adjustable nose piece, this one-size-fits-all face mask provides optimal fit and comfort.

PPE Mask USA 3-ply Disposable Surgical Face Mask.

The PPE Mask USA 3-ply face mask is made in the USA and tested by top US labs. For comfort and protection, there is no better choice. ASTM Level 1 3-ply procedure mask offers superior protection for everyday use. Trusted by frontline workers, this disposable mask is comfortable for all-day wear. Whether you’re an essential worker, a teacher, a student, a caregiver, or a mom, the safety and well-being of those around you are just as important as your own.

Disposable Face Mask Cloth masks are better than nothing, but they do not offer filtration and might not protect you against new variants of concern. You need to ensure you’re doing everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and one of the ways to do that is by wearing a face mask.

Kids Face Mask – Custom Face Mask.

DISPOSABLE KIDS FACE MASK. Our children’s size disposable face masks provide single-use coverage for kids and younger children. The 3-Layer Kids’ Face Mask is made with high-quality materials, an adjustable wire nose bridge, and elastic ear loops for a comfortable and secure fit. They’re for school, playing sports, and just being a kid. The CDC recommends using a well-fitting mask to help slow the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19, so these children’s disposable face masks are made to fit easily and reliably.

  • Disposable 3-ply face mask offers protection for everyday use
  • Face-side layer (white) and outside layer are virgin-polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven hydrophilic material
  • Middle layer is constructed of meltblown nonwoven polypropylene filter
  • Black mask has an embedded metal strip to form around the nose area
  • 50 masks per box
  • ASTM Level 1 procedure mask offers superior protection for everyday use
  • Nonallergenic, no latex, no fiberglass
  • Mask has a high-quality elastic ear loop band welded to the mask to ensure proper and reliable fit to face


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