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Heineken Silver


Heineken Silver – Heineken Beer.

Firstly, Heineken Silver.

Heineken Silver is made from the same simple, natural ingredients as the original recipe, not in the same proportions, but always with the same passion. Heineken beer Can Combined with its maturation process at -1°C, this bottom-fermented blonde beer offers a perfect harmony of flavors, a fine sparkle and a silky and light texture on the palate, which gives it a lighter and softer taste. Our brewmasters started from scratch and spent years exploring, brewing and tasting before finally creating a recipe defined by its refreshing fruity notes and smooth, malty body, perfectly balanced. A recipe that deserves the Heineken brand. Obviously made according to the uncompromising characteristics of Heineken since 1873: with premium ingredients and Heineken’s unique A yeast. It was not easy, but not impossible.

Maximum flavor, 0.0% alcohol.

What makes Heineken 0.0 so refreshing? Well, Heineken Silver uses an ice-cold lagering process at -1°C, where more cold haze is allowed to form and be filtered out. This removes proteins and tannins, resulting in an extra refreshing taste. Made with natural ingredients, Heineken Silver has a smooth and refreshing finish, with a fruity aroma and balanced, bitterness at 4% abv. Heineken Silver has been brewed with craftmanship to have star quality, natural ingredients, Heineken’s famous Ayeast and pure malt, as well as sustainably sourced barley that supports HEINEKEN’s wider commitments to Brew a Better World. Contains 12x 330ml bottles. Always recommended to be served chilled. Extra Refreshing Taste, Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Made with natural ingredients.


Say hello to Heineken beer. An extra refreshing, premium lager with a crisp, subtle finish and fruity aroma. Heineken Silver is more than just a 4% lager. It is a fresh attitude towards beer. Believing that being real and authentic is really refreshing in today’s world.
It is brewed with the same principles and passion for quality as Heineken Original, but to create the extra refreshing taste of Heineken Silver, we use an ice-cold lagering process at -1°C. Cheers to that! An extra-refreshing, premium lager brewed at -1 °C for a crisp flavour and subtle finish. Made with natural ingredients, and at 4% abv, Heineken Silver delivers a balanced profile and smooth taste, we know you will love.
Committed to: pure malt sustainable farming
116 Calories per 330ml serving
Serve cold


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