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Milka Chocolate



Milka Chocolate – Milka Chocolate Bars.

Milka Chocolate.

Milka chocolate bars Wholesale for sale, Are available in many delicious varieties. No matter whether you like it crunchy, crunchy and nutty or classic and melt-in-your-mouth, everyone will find their favorite bar with Milka chocolate bars. You can choose Milka chocolate bars Wholesale for sale between the small board, the standard board and the MMMAX large board. milka ciastka Enjoyment made from original Milka Alpine milk chocolate. milka schokolade

Buy Milka bars Candy is a delicious and creamy chocolate bar made with Alpine milk. It is a classic European treat that has been around for over 100 years. The Milka bars come in a variety of flavors, from classic milk chocolate to hazelnut and caramel. The chocolate is made with the highest quality ingredients, giving it a unique and creamy texture.

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Milka Chocolate Candy | Cake & Choc Cakes Chocolate Cakes | Milka Bars | Milka Candy | 6,1 Ounce Total.

Milka’s chocolate bars are a favourite of many. Once in a while you can enjoy a nice piece of chocolate with a cup of coffee or tea. Break off a piece of the Milka bar as a snack, both on the road and at home. It is always good to have enough stock, with a Milka bar in the cupboard you are well prepared for your tasty appetite. Is the Milka bar also your favorite? Global Beverages LTD we make it possible to continue to enjoy your Dutch and Belgian favorites abroad.

What’s your favorite Milka bar where to buy? Milka makes many delicious combinations with their chocolate bars. Have you tried the different bars already? Think of Milka LEO, the famous waffle filled with cream filling in the delicious Milka bar for example. Or is the Milka oreo bar your favourite? Here the combination between Milka bar and the famous Oreo biscuit is made. Within our assortment you will find the different varieties of Milka chocolate candy. Can’t choose? Order different Milka bars. A little bit of chocolate can’t hurt

Your favorite Milka bar – Milka bar.

Have you found your favorite Milka bar within our assortment? Then order your favorites quickly online. We understand that you don’t want to wait too long until you can break down a piece of your favourite bar, so we do our very best to send it to you as soon as possible. This way you can quickly enjoy your favourite Milka bar again.

Do you have any further questions about Milka or one of our other products? Feel free to contact our customer service. They are ready to answer all your questions. Besides the Milka bar you will find many more Dutch and Belgian delicacies in our assortment, so feel free to take a look on the rest of our website.


The Milka candy is also known for its unique packaging, which features a purple cow on the wrapper. Milka bar Candy is a great treat for any occasion, and its unique flavor and texture make it a favorite among chocolate lovers. Order Cake & Choc Cakes Chocolate Cakes now. milka schokolade angebot

  • Suiker
  • hazelnoten (17%)
  • cacaoboter
  • magere melkpoeder
  • cacaomassa
  • weipoeder (melk)
  • melkvet
  • emulgator (sojalecithine)
  • hazelnootpasta
  • natuurlijk aroma
  • Cacao: ten minste 30% in de alpenmelkchocolade.
  • Kan andere noten en tarwe bevatten.


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