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Phosphorus fertilizers



Amino Acid bio humate / bio humic organic fertilizer

Our organic fertilizers are using the residual solution as raw materials which produced through corn ‘s fermentation by biotechnology to produce monosodium glutamate. Then though high temperature evaporation to spray granulation. Our products are rich in organic matter, NPK, amino acids, humic acid and other nutrients. The fertilization of our organic fertilizer can effectively adjust the ph value of soil, improve soil environment promote plant growth, improve the yield and quality of crop.

Name of ingredients
organic fertilizer
yeast 100% organic fertilizer price per ton raw material
Nitrogen (N)
≥ 16% -18%
Phosphorus (P)
≥ 1%
Potassium (K)
≥ 1.5% – 3%

yeast 100% organic fertilizer price per ton raw material

Production features: 1. Pure grain fermentation; 2. No pollution, no residue and easy absorption; 3. Green and environmental protection, cyclic utilization, back-feeding agriculture; 4. Unique production process
Organic fertilizer is made from spray granulation through use of the advanced bio-fermentation technology to extract the essence of traditional organic fertilizers according to the theory of soil ecology and plant growth threpsology. It is rich in a variety of organic substances such as amino acid, nitrogen, active enzymes, polysaccharide, and in addition, has multiple medium trace elements required by plants. Hence, it is a new generation of pollution-free green product, as well as one of the best fertilizers for the development of green pollution-free agriculture and the production of green products.


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