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Xl Energy Drink

Product Specification/Packaging Information

  • All Flavors available
  • Available in Cans only
  • 250ml,330ml,500ml
  • 24pcs / case
  • 26 pallets / 20ft container
  • 33 pallets / 40ft container


Xl Energy Drink – Direct Factory Price Wholesale Xl Energy Drink.

Xl Energy Drink.

Xl energy drink wholesalers distributors,  The brand hero – sales driver and top seller. Lightly carbonated and refreshing xl energy drink gives a classic taste and a boost of energy. The effect of the drink is to enhance the body and mind by improving concentration, awareness and reaction speed. Xl energy drink wholesalers helps you to achieve your best every single day and is a perfect alternative to coffee. Weekend about to start and you’re running on empty after a busy week? Get the feeling that life is passing you by and everybody else is the life and soul of the party? Sounds like you need a boost.

XL Energy Drink Wholesale Factory Price.

Xl Energy Drink supplier will give you the power to get the best out of life, lightly carbonated, perfectly balanced XL will reload your energy from your head to your toes; leaving you ready for anything the weekend throws at you. XL is a lightly carbonated, sweet-sour energy, refreshing drink that contains taurine and vitamins, and has a high caffeine content. Contains sugar. If the week has started and you need a surge of energy, Ixel will help you. It is not recommended for children and pregnant women, as well as for those who are allergic to caffeine.

Brand History

The history of the brand began in Poland in 2000. Today, Buy XL drinks are available in 62 countries and have sold billions of cans to date. From the beginning, XL’s mission has been to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price. The company’s first energy drink was released with a lightly carbonated, classic taste. Today, the brand produces 10 unique products worldwide, which are associated with renewal, fun and great taste. The company is constantly looking ahead and continues its successful history and remains a leader in the global market. XL’s team of professionals is ready to provide you with the highest standards of service and quality products.

Additional Characteristics


  • Category Energy Drink
  • Species Carbonated
  • Brand XL
  • Packing Tin Can
  • Volume 250 ml
  • Aroma Cooler, Sweet


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