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Ballantine’s Whisky



It is a Blended Scotch Whisky, refined and elegant, modern style, obtained from four ingredientesprincipales: barley, water stills for distillation and oak barrels.Its light golden color and distinctive flavor comes from a complex mixture of malt whiskeys and carefully selected grains. All are aged for several years in barrels of high quality.Tasting Notes: Color light golden, fragrant, elegant, with notes of heather honey with a hint of spice. Its flavors are well balanced with hints of milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla. Its sophisticated taste leaves a balanced feeling fresh and floral texture.
More on the Ballantine’s distillery. From childhood, George Ballantine had fun with the art of mixing; did combining different types of tea, he later began with the malts and grain, when he discovered the fineness of the distillates obtained. His relationship with whiskey began his 19 years selling wine and spirits in a small shop in Edinburgh, until in 1837 moved to the prestigious area of South Bridge, near Princes Street in Edinburgh, where Ballantine began experimenting with the mixture of malt and grain whiskeys of different ages and from different distilleries, to get a light and thin distillate. Since 1881 the company Ballantine & Son Ltd. began exporting aa whiskey blending, achieving great fame in the best markets of whiskey. The children of George continued in business, coming to get the Royal Authorization for official suppliers of Queen Victoria and King Edward. In 1937 Ballantine’s distillery was awarded the shield by Lord Lyon of Scotland.


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