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Grey Goose Vodka



Grey Goose Vodka – Vodka Grey Goose.

Grey Goose Vodka.

GREY GOOSE vodka is the result of an absolute determination to create a French vodka unlike any other. This extraordinary vodka is made from the best ingredients from France, soft winter wheat and Gensac spring water. GREY GOOSE is best enjoyed straight, with a mixer, in a Spritz or in a classic vodka Martini or Espresso Martini cocktail. vodka grey goose.

Kirkland Vodka Grey Goose.

There are those that claim Grey Goose Vodka is the best tasting in the world. They have evidence to prove it too. Made using wheat from the La Beauce region in France and water that is filtered through champagne limestone from the Gensac, it was one man’s dream back in 1997 to create a luxury vodka. Clear, fresh with a distinctive floral aroma, it has subtle notes of almond and citrus. While ideal to be had on its own, we recommend having it with an aperitif such as ricotta cheese on crackers or bread.

Wild Leap – Premium American Made Vodka 1 Liter

Wild Leap Vodka is the ultimate balance of crisp and silky smooth. Distilled from 100% yellow corn and naturally gluten-free, Wild Leap Vodka is the key to creating next-level cocktails.
Alcohol Content (%)
Clear Vodka
Primary Ingredient
Yellow Corn
Premium Vodka
Bottle, Case
place of origin 
Producing Region
features 1
features 2
Distilled from 100% Yellow Corn
features 3
40% Alc. Vol. (80 Proof)
features 4
Distilled 8X


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