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Hennessy Pure White

Country: France
Region: Cognac
Brand: Hennessy
Alcohol Volume: 40.0%
Standard Drinks: 22.1
Size: 700mL


Hennessy Pure White – White Hennessy.

Hennessy Pure White.

Hennessy Pure White Cognac is a very interesting blend of eaux-de-vie that creates a very delicate cognac. According to one of Hennessy’s members of the tasting committee, “it’s a difficult cognac to produce.

It’s a great cognac to use for mixing, perhaps in your favorite cocktail or over ice with tonic as a long drink, or you can also enjoy it straight. Drunk straight you’ll immediately notice the sweet aromas, very feminine. It’s a great cognac for those who enjoy simplicity and lightness in their drink. white hennessy for sale

Hennessy Pure White Cognac.

In the XIXth century, englightened Anglo-Saxon amateurs appreciated clear cognacs for their finesse and delicacy, to the point of ordering from Hennessy some of the pales eaux-de-vie from Cognac. It was in returning to the source that Hennessy created Hennessy Pure White, the most paradoxical and innovative of all spirits of the Maison Hennessy.

Hennessy  White originated from four crus with a dominance from the Fins Bois, from which it gets its lightness of aroma and flavour. The eaux-de-vie used in the blend are floral and fruity. They are immediately identifiable from the selection made by the Master Blender, by their distinct clearness, a trait little marked by the wood. They age only several years in old casks… The achievement of stopped time.

Background of Hennessy:

Hennessy, established in 1765, is a renowned cognac producer with a legacy of crafting exceptional spirits. Situated in the Cognac region of France, Hennessy combines tradition and innovation to create remarkable expressions. Hennessy Pure White Cognac is a testament to their expertise and commitment to quality.

Tasting Notes:

Hennessy  White Cognac delights the senses with its exquisite flavours. On the nose, you’ll encounter floral and citrusy aromas, accompanied by subtle hints of vanilla. The palate reveals a smooth and well-balanced character, with notes of fresh grapes, honey, and a touch of oak. The finish is lingering and satisfying, leaving a subtle warmth that lingers.

Food Pairings:

To complement the elegance of Hennessy Pure White Cognac, consider pairing it with various culinary delights. Its crisp and delicate profile pairs wonderfully with seafood, such as grilled prawns or scallop ceviche. For a cheese pairing, try it alongside creamy Brie or tangy goat cheese. Additionally, it harmonizes beautifully with light desserts like fruit tarts or lemon sorbet.


Hennessy  White Cognac 700ml is a captivating expression of elegance and smoothness. With a rich history and a dedication to craftsmanship, Hennessy has created a cognac that entices the palate and leaves a lasting impression. From its floral and citrusy aromas to its smooth and well-balanced flavours, each sip is a moment of indulgence. Pair it with your favourite dishes and elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Experience the allure of Hennessy Pure White Cognac and savour the epitome of refinement.


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