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Huggies Nappies Newborn

Unisex nappies with trusted Huggies absorbency – up to 12 hours protection.

Size: 44 Pack


• Up to 12 Hours of Leakage Protection
Trusted Huggies absorbency to help keep your baby dry
• Super absorbency with Leak Lock System
Quickly draws moisture away and locks it into the core.
• Wetness Indicator
Our colour-changing wetness indicator lets you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed.
• Australian College of Midwives
The Australian College Midwives endorses Huggies Nappies and Huggies Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.
(Size 1 and 2 Nappies)



Huggies Nappies Newborn – Wholesale Newborn Nappies Huggies.

Huggies Nappies Newborn.

Huggies Newborn Nappies with new, Are clinically proven* to help protect against skin irritation and maintain healthy skin pH. Huggies Newborn nappies are our best care for skin with a new Zinc Enriched layer clinically proven* to help protect against irritation and maintain healthy skin pH. Huggies Nappies Newborn

Huggies Newborn Nappies size 2 Where to buy  Up to 12 hours leakage protection and DryTouch layer to quickly absorb and lock away runny poos. Huggies Nappies Mega Newborn Size 1 – 160 Pack, Huggies is endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives and the #1 choice of Australian hospitals. Huggies Nappies Newborn Made with safe, gentle ingredients and no added nasties^. Designed to gently protect baby’s delicate skin, it’s our way of welcoming your little one to the world. Huggies Newborn Nappies Size 1 For Sale

Huggies Baby Wipes Fragrance Free – Bulk 12×80.

Where to buy Huggies Newborn Nappies 108 Fragrance Free Thick Baby Wipes safely and gently protect against nappy rash by providing a complete clean that ensures nothing is left behind. Together with Huggies Nappies, Huggies baby wipes help protect babies delicate skin. Australian College of Midwives endorses Huggies Nappies and Huggies Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby. Huggies Nappies Newborn

Huggies Baby Wipes Bulk Buy comes in 12 x 80 Packs with handy flip to lid.

  1. Free from Alcohol, soap, pareben & MI
  2. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced
  3. Hypoallergic containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  4. Absorbent – Leaving nothing behind that can cause irritation
  5. Soft – Gentle to use on baby’s delicate skin

Huggies DryNites BedMats – Bulk 4×7.

Huggies DryNites BedMats are disposable bed mats designed with a protective layer to ensure that any night time accidents are not absorbed into the mattress. A second layer has been specially created to draw moisture and retain it.

Huggies DryNites Bed Mats are thin, yet ultra-absorbent and have embossed patterns so your child can enjoy discretion and softness while sleeping. BedMat Size: 78 x 88cm

  1. Mat size – 88cm width x 78cm length
  2. Absorbency – 900mls
  3. Comes in a pack of 7
  4. Fits easily and securely underneath or on top of bed sheets


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