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Nutella Hot Chocolate



Nutella Hot Chocolate – Nutella Chocolate Spread.

Nutella Hot Chocolate.

Nutella Chocolate Spread! The sweet, delectable hazelnut chocolate spread that enhances every bread, waffle, crepe, or cake it’s spread across. Heck, I’ll even take a plain spoonful of it when nobody’s looking. Nutella, in all its rich creamy glory, is an elegant marriage of breakfast and dessert and the world is a far better place for its existence (can you tell I’m a fan?). But what do we actually know about this spectacular spread? What makes Nutella so gosh darn great? We’ll get to the bottom of it just like I get to the bottom of the Nutella jar: quickly.

White Chocolate Nutella.

A unique recipe featuring a smooth texture and an unmistakable hazelnut and cocoa tasteOur quality:• 7 high quality ingredients• no colourings• no preservatives• no hydrogenated fats• kosher, halal• gluten free• suitable for vegetariansIdeal for breakfast, brunch or baking. Nutella Hot Chocolate NUTELLA hazelnut spread with cocoa, has an unbeatable taste and pleasurable experience guaranteed by a unique recipe, prepared with seven thoroughly selected ingredients. For nearly 60 years NUTELLA has helped families spread positivity to their mornings at breakfast. Enjoy your breakfast or brunch with the great taste of NUTELLA hazelnut spread wth cocoa.


A delicious alternative to your honey, jam, peanut butter, almond butter or biscuit spreads. NUTELLA can be enjoyed on your bread, croissant, waffle, crepe, pancake or added as a sweet topping on your favourite fruit or cereal while enjoying your morning tea or coffee. Nutella Hot Chocolate  Perfect for baking NUTELLA can be used to create a variety of moreish baking recipes including cakes, cookies & tarts explore NUTELLA recipes & snacks. Our sustainability commitment: we are committed to a responsible sourcing of our ingredients protecting the environment and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. Help us to recycle: Please RECYCLE the Nutella jar & lid


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