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Refined Soybeans oil



Crude Soybean Oil

Free Fatty Acid: A1V1.25% Max
Moisture and Volatile matters: 0.20% Max special
Impurities: 0,10% Max
Lecithin (Expressed in Phosphor: ).0.02% Max
Sediment (Gardner Break test): 0.10% Max
Unspecified material: 1.50% Max
Colour: 50 Yellow Max/5 Red Max
Oil Flash Point: 250=BA F Min
Ca Mg Content: 5 ppm Max
Linolenic Acid: 12% Max
Polyunsatur: 3D 4 Double=bonds
Methyl Esthers: 1% Max
Unsaponificable: 2% Max
Sulfur Content: 10ppm Max


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