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Wood pellet

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Wood Pellets For Sale – Wood Pellets.

Wood Pellets For Sale at Comfort Tradings LTD, We supply premium grade woodpellet fuel to a large customer base including Commercial, Industrial & Household Clients. where to buy wood pellets

We believe that wood pellets will play an important role as a fuel source in the future – with many benefits including the reduction of co2 emissions, an environmentally friendly product and great value. Our wood pellets stand out from the rest for their Premium Quality.

Comfort Tradings Wood Pellets are also committed to providing an excellent standard of service, as we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. Wood Pellets For Sale

where to buy wood pellets – Ooni Wood Pellets.

Quality wood pellets – made from wood shavings, dry chips and sawdust by-products from our own sawmills – offer a reliable, renewable source of energy for residential, commercial or industrial heating. They are also a popular choice for horse bedding that’s comfortable, hygienic and hassle-free.

Wood Pellets For Sale if you want to get a reliable source of heat, save money and help protect the environment, biomass wood pellets make a great choice. When the pellets burn, they release the same amount of carbon dioxide that the wood biomass absorbs during its growth, making them carbon-neutral

Class A1 Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm DIN plus & ENplus A1/A2 ( BSL Approved Wood Pellets In 15kg bags )

At Comfort Tradings LTD we provide quality wood  Pellets we are committed to providing service excellence. We have a first class track record with on time deliveries & good quality product.

Product name: Wood pellet (Premium Pine Wood Pellets 6mm)
Main materials: pine& miscellaneous wood mixed
Diameter: 6-8mm
Length: ≤40mm
Net Calorific value(as received basis): Min.3980 Kcal/kg
Unit Volume Mass: Min. 600
Moisture: <10%
Ash content: Max. 3.0%
Sulfur content: Max. 0.05%
Chlorine: Max. 0.05%
Ash Fusion Temperature,IDT Min. 1150°c
Nitrogen content(dry basis): Max. 0.5%
Packing: By ton bag 24 tons/ container 40’HC;
Woven bag 25 kgs ,24 tons/ container 40’HC
No packing 26 tons/ container


Below are wood types:
-Beech firewood
-Oak wood pellets
-Bamboo wood pellets
-Birch wood pellets
-Cyprus wood pellets
-Mangrove wood pellets
-Pine wood pellets
-Fir wood pellet
-spruce wood pellet

Why Wood Energy

  • A Renewable Energy
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Recognised as playing a key role in reducing global warming
  • Capable of producing a significant proportion of Ireland’s renewable energy needs
  • A flexible fuel that can be stored and used as a stand alone energy source
  • Cost effective – the energy used for harvesting, processing and transport of wood for energy is just 10% of total energy output


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