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Arborio rice



Hot Selling Natural Taste High Nutrition Arborio Short-Grain Rice

A short-grain, pearl-like Italian white rice which is high in starch. Arborio rice forms the foundation of the dish risotto. Riso means rice in Italian. Like other rices, Arborio is a member of the grass family. What distinguishes it is a higher than normal amount of soluble starch that is released during cooking. The starch is what makes a risotto creamy. Arborio rice takes about eighteen minutes to cook. It is done when it is al dente, tender on the outside and firm in the center.

Broken 5% max

14% max

Foreign matter 0.1% max
Damaged kernels 0.5% max
Yellow kernels 0.5% max
Chalky kernels 3% max
Red / red streaked kernels 0.5% max
Immature kernels        0.2% max
Glutinous 0.2% max
Average length of grain 6.8mm min
Paddy grain 10 grains/kg max
Purity 85% min
Crop New crop
Mill degree Well milled& Double Polishe


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