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DIET COKE 330 ml Can




  • No calories or sugar
  • Only natural flavours
  • No added preservatives
  • This product is GMO free
  • This product is gluten free
  • This product is allergen free
  • This product is suitable for vegetarians/vegans

Additional Pack Information

Packaging Details24 x 330ml can
24 cans per tray.
130 cases per palett
26 palettes per 20feet” container.
32 pallets per 40ft container

Product Marketing

Love it light? Add some sparkle to your day, minus the calories with Diet Coke

Diet Coke is a sugar free, low calorie soft drink.
No Sugar
No Calories
Gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free
Contains vegetables extracts and sweeteners

Serve over ice with a slice of lime.

Keep cold in the fridge.

Please recycle.

Brand Marketing

Coca-Cola and the Environment
Coca-Cola is committed to making a positive difference – to the health of the planet, consumers and the communities it serves. The company is working hard to reduce its impact on the environment in everything it does – growing more while using less in areas such as energy and water use, waste reduction and recycling – and by encouraging people to think more about the positive impact they can have on their local environment.


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