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Energy Drink Prime



Energy Drink Prime – Wholesale Factory price Energy Drink Prime.

Energy Drink Prime.

Energy Drink Prime, Whether you are interested in YouTube or RTDs, you’ve heard of Prime. The sports drink brand, started by YouTube extraordinaires KSI and Logan Paul, has been an international sensation! From appearing in every influencer’s hands to being the official hydration sponsors for the UFC, Arsenal FC and now FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich, it’s hard to think of a brand that has had more of an impact on the market! Now, there is a new PRIME Wholesale  variant hitting the market. PRIME Energy RTD by KSI & Logan Paul offers the flavours that have become so reviled and puts them into an energy drink. Each PRIME product follows the same mission statement of providing a great taste that also meets function.

Factory Price Energy Drink Prime.

That means a comprehensively designed formula that will quench your thirst while also providing you with the tools to replenish and refuel whatever activity you are about to undertake. Ready to try this hydration sensation? If you are looking where to find buy  PRIME drink in Australia, come to Nutrition Warehouse and try the drink that the world has gone crazy for!

What will you get with each can of PRIME Energy RTD by KSI & Logan Paul?

  • 110 mg caffeine
  • 300 mg of electrolytes
  • Zero sugar
  • Replenish and refresh
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free
  • Scintillating flavour
  • Created by celebrity Youtubers Logan Paul & KSI
  • Sponsors Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich and the UFC

Does PRIME have caffeine?

The new PRIME Energy RTD by KSI & Logan Paul has 110 mg of caffeine in each serving.

Is PRIME an energy drink?

Yes, the new PRIME Energy RTD by KSI & Logan Paul is designed as an energy RTD. Unlike PRIME Hydration Drink by KSI & Logan Paul, this drink has a caffeine content and is designed for this purpose.

Who made PRIME?

PRIME is a joint venture between YouTube powerhouses KSI and Logan Paul. Originally rivals who fought in the ring, they have combined forces to fill the void in the drink market. KSI’s main channel has over 24 million subscribers, with his side channel having over 16 million subscribers.

He is also a member of the 18 million plus subscriber group the Sidemen, which includes other influential YouTubers like Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123 and W2S. While Logan Paul has over 23 million subscribers on his channel.

Where can I buy PRIME in the UK?

You can buy both PRIME Energy RTD and Prime Hydration Drink by KSI & Logan Paul at Nutrition Warehouse here.


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