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7 UP 330 ml Can.




7 Up Soft Drink, Can of 330ml
7 Up has a calming natural lemon flavor. It contains lots of vitamin C for a healthy body. This is a drink to help quench thirst quickly. At the same time reduce the sense of sickness when eating.

Package: Can 330ml
Amount of gas: Carbonated
Sugar: There is sugar

Products are packed in can 330 ml

24 cans / carton

2300 cartons / container 20′

Please note
1.Europe Origin products
2.We offer a steady supply of Heineken beer
3.We have ourselves warehouse for keep goods.
4.We can offer FOB and CNF to all the world .
5.We also deal with  other beer types , soft drinks, mineral water, Liquor, food, confectionary  and cosmetics.

6. if you have any other interested please feel free to contact us for info on price and product details.


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